Society is getting colder. The newest street drug jacks people into the Grid, a place of escape if you’re rich enough to afford it. Rainey Sullivan lives off the Grid. A street urchin with an unwanted talent, Rainey sticks to the outskirts of society, relying on petty theft to survive. Until one night when she picks the wrong pocket and steals more than just cash.

Ghost Touch takes the form of a web serial, updating once weekly (Saturday at Midnight EST). Harsh language will be present, as well as some violence.

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If you are looking for a selection of other excellent web serials, please take a look at the very bottom of any page on my site.

Book cover above by the very talented Hero of Stupidity.

Author’s Note:

Ghost Touch  © 2013, Evan Toe. No part of this written work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author.

If you enjoy Ghost Touch, I always love to hear feedback (who doesn’t?). You can either drop a comment here on the site, or leave a rating/review on Web Fiction Guide. If you’re feeling really awesome, you can even vote for my serial on Top Web Fiction. My goal here is to improve as a writer.  In that regard, I sincerely appreciate any comments you could offer me, even if it’s simply a quick “cool” or “keep writing.” It’s all about motivation. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy!

If you’re new, you can start reading Rainey’s story Here.

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